Crusher's Crafts


Bottle Cap Magnet


This month’s craft turns a bottle cap into a magnet!  This project is perfect to stick on your refrigerator at home or inside your locker at school!



What You Need

  • Bottle cap
  • Magnet (I used an old magnet I already had.)
  • Scissors
  • Small picture
  • Glue gun or other craft glue

What You Do  
 1. Cut a circle the size of the bottle cap out of the magnet.  step_1.jpeg
2. Glue the magnet circle on the top of the bottle cap. step_2.jpeg
3. Cut out a picture that fits inside the bottle cap and glue it down. step_3.jpeg
4. Stick your magnet on the fridge or inside your locker at school!

mary-01.jpgCrusher's Crafts are created by SPREE staffer Mary Palumbo.  Each month Mary comes up with a new craft that can be made from household items and found objects from just outside your front door.


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