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There are endless ways to reuse a plastic bottle…This month, learn how to make a terrarium from a 2-liter soda bottle.  A terrarium is an enclosed space that replicates an ecosystem.  Because a terrarium holds in warmth and moisture, it is an ideal place for growing small plants from seed.


What You Need

  1. An empty plastic bottle.  (This can either be a 2 liter bottle or a smaller water or soda bottle.)
  2. Sharp scissors or a crafting knife (Note:  This project requires the help of an adult!)
  3. Dirt or potting soil
  4. Seeds
  5. Water



What you do

Rinse out the plastic bottle with water.  (Save the cap!)


Remove the label from the outside and throw it away.

Use scissors or a craft knife to cut all the way around the bottle about 6 inches from the bottom.

Put dirt in the bottom piece of the bottle.  You don't need to pack it down, just place it in lightly.

Push a few seeds into the dirt a couple of inches from the surface.  (Only plant 2-4 seeds in your terrarium or else the seeds will be too crowded to grow.) step_5.jpeg
Get the dirt slightly wet with water. step_6.jpeg
Put the top and bottle of the bottle back together.  You will have to squeeze in the sides a little bit to make them fit together. step_7.jpeg
Place your terrarium in a sunny place where your seeds can grow big and strong!  If the dirt starts to look dry, unscrew the cap, stick the nozzle of a spray bottle in the top and give it a few squirts.  
Watch your seeds as they sprout and grow!  You can even keep a journal of your seeds by drawing pictures or writing descriptions of what they look like each week.