Crusher's Crafts

Crusher.jpgMemory Jar


Ever wish you could take home a little piece of the river to remind you of the cool waters and the sandy beaches?  This month’s project is to create a colorful jar filled with sand from the South Platte River to keep in a special place!

What You Need

  1. Empty glass jar with a lid of any shape or size (washed with the label peeled off)
  2. Food Coloring
  3. Enough South Platte River sand to fill your jar


What you do

Find an empty glass jar around the house.  (Try a jar for salsa, jelly, peanut butter, pickles, etc.)


Clean the inside of the jar and peel the label off.  (Soaking the jar in hot, soapy water takes the label right off!)


Take your jar to a park along the South Platte River, Bear Creek, or any water way that is special to you.  Fill your jar with sand.  You can also collect pebbles, shells, or small rocks to add to your jar.

Once you are back home, separate the sand into different bowls or containers so you can create different colored sand.



Add a different color of food coloring to each bowl of sand.


Use a stick or a pencil to stir up the sand until the color is evenly mixed.


Use a spoon and scoop the sand into your jar, layering the different colors on top of each other.  If you like, put a layer of shells or pebbles in between the different layers of colored sand.


Put the lid on tight and find a special place to keep your sand jar!