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Have you ever noticed all of the tiny living creatures that we share the earth with?

Millions of insects, bugs, and arachnids make their homes in the grass, dirt, trees and under rocks...they are EVERYWHERE!

This month’s project is to create a Bug Hotel, a temporary habitat for a tiny creature that you find out in nature. This will be a space to keep your new friend comfortable while you observe what he or she looks like, and how he or she moves, eats, drinks and sounds.

What You Need


1. An empty container Examples: An empty oatmeal container, an old margarine tub, or cardboard shoe box (Anything except glass because we need to be able to poke air holes for your guest!)

2. Plastic Wrap

3. Scissors

4. Tape

5. Markers, paint, or colored paper for decorating the outside of your Bug Hotel

6. A piece of string, yarn, or twine

7. A new friend from nature!

What You Do  

1. Clean out the container you have chosen to make into your Bug Hotel. Make sure it’s clean and safe for your guest. (No sharp edges, leftover food or chemicals.)


2. Decorate the outside of your hotel with markers, paint or colored paper. Make sure to give your hotel a name and post the house rules! (No long term stays, no bed bugs, no parties...)


3. Remove the lid of the container.


4. Cut a rectangle in the center of the lid. (Have an adult help you!)


5. Cut out a piece of plastic wrap that will cover the rectangle cut out.


6. Lay the piece of plastic wrap tightly over the rectangle cut out.


7. Tape around the four sides the plastic wrap, creating a window so you can see your bug while it’s inside the hotel.


8. Put the lid back on the container.


9. **You will need an adult for this step** Have an adult poke several holes in the lid with something sharp. These are air holes so your bug can breathe!


10. Cut a piece of string, yarn or twine about 1 foot long for a handle.


11. Tape each end of the string to opposite sides of your bug hotel.


12. Make sure your guest has each of the 4 things listed below needed for its habitat.


All living creatures need 4 things in their habitat:

 1. Food: Notice what food items were around your guest when you found them and put a few of

these items in your hotel (maybe leaves, dirt, or grass).

2. Water: A plastic bottle cap filled with water should meet their needs.

3. Shelter: Your hotel should protect your guest from rain, hot sun, wind and the cold.

4. Space: Make sure that your hotel gives your guest room to walk, hop, fly, or crawl around!

Observe the place where you found your guest. Try to bring things from his or her natural environment such as leaves, sticks, dirt or grass to make him feel more at home!


1. Be nice to all living creatures! No poking, dropping, or squishing your hotel guests!

2. This is a hotel, not a permanent home for your new friend. Creatures you find out in nature

cannot survive for more than a couple of hours in your Bug Hotel, so be sure to put your guest back in the same place that you found him. You can always find a new friend tomorrow!

Tip: If you have a magnifying glass at home, use it to look at your guest in more detail. Bugs look really neat up close!



mary-01.jpgCrusher's Crafts are created by SPREE staffer Mary Palumbo.  Each month Mary comes up with a new craft that can be made from household items and found objects from just outside your front door.


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