Mini Garden


Did you know that you don’t need a big backyard to plant a garden?  Using materials found right around your home, you can create your very own mini garden and enjoy watching all kinds of different plants grow!



What You Need

  • Biodegradable (paper not plastic) egg carton.  Biodegradable means something that can be broken down and become part of the earth again.
  • Dirt
  • Seeds collected from nature
  • Scissors
  • Markers, crayons, other items for decorating

What You Do  

Have an adult help you cut the lid off of the egg carton.


Decorate your mini garden with markers, crayons, natural materials or anything you have around the house.  Don’t forget to give your garden a name!


Fill each small section of your egg carton with dirt.


Set your mini garden aside.  Go out in your backyard or to a nearby park (take an adult with you!) and look for seeds to plant in your garden.  Look for seeds on tall grasses, bushes or flowers.  Bring a small container with you for collecting seeds in.  (If you want to grow a specific plant or flower, you can buy seeds from the store.)


Place 1 or 2 seeds in each section of dirt.  Gently push the seeds about half way into the dirt with your finger.


As you plant your seeds, you can make little signs to mark which type of plant will grow in each section of your garden.


Place your mini garden on top of something to catch any water that seeps through the egg carton.


Taking care of your garden:

Plants need 4 things to survive:

Soil (Make sure your plants have enough soil to grow roots.)

Sunlight (Put your plant near a window so it gets some sunshine.)

Air (Make sure your plant is near a window so it can breathe fresh air.)

Water (Water your plants once every day or every 2 days.  If the soil looks dry, your plants need more water.)

**When choosing a place to put your mini garden, make sure that it has access to all of these 4 things so your plants can grow big and strong!


Watch your plants grow!!

Which seeds sprout first?

Which seeds sprout last?

Which plant is the tallest?

Which is the shortest?


Eventually, your plants will need more space to keep growing.  You can either bury your mini garden in a large planting pot or you can just bury it right in your backyard!  Since we used a biodegradable egg carton, it will get broken down and eventually become part of the soil!  This process is called decomposition.


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