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Fishing is the perfect activity to enjoy a quiet day at a river or a pond. This month’s project is to make your own fishing pole using things found just outside your door. Bring your new fishing pole down to the South Platte River and experiment with different bait to see which food is the fish’s favorite!



What You Need

  1. A long, straight stick
  2. One piece of fishing line, string, or twine about three feet long
  3. One safety pin
  4. A bunch of different materials to use as bait (Leaves, flower petals, seeds, pieces of leftover food)


What You Do  

Go outside and look for a long, straight stick.  (Find one on the ground, don’t pull one off the tree!)

If there are any little branches sticking out, get an adult to help you break them off and make your stick nice and straight.


Cut a piece of fishing line, string, or twine about three feet long.


Tie the piece of string to one end of your stick.


At the end of the string that is hanging down, tie a safety pin.


Carefully open the safety pin and attach whatever you are using for your bait.  Experiment with different items you find outside or in your home.  Try leaves, seeds, flower petals, pieces of leftover food.



Fish aren’t the only creatures living in the South Platte River.  See what other living things you can find in the water.  Flip over rocks, dig in the dirt, or just observe quietly to investigate who else calls the river their home.


If you are looking for a place to take your fishing pole, Overland Pond Park is a beautiful place right in the city designed to be a habitat for birds, critters, and fish!  The pond is stocked with rainbow trout by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and just down the path is the South Platte River!

Click here for a map to Overland Pond Park

mary-01.jpgCrusher's Crafts are created by SPREE staffer Mary Palumbo.  Each month Mary comes up with a new craft that can be made from household items and found objects from just outside your front door.


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