Get to Know Your Greenway

Go explore Denver's parks! If you are ever wondering what type of parks Denver and its surrounding areas have to offer along their waterways, then Get to Know Your Greenway is a perfect place to start.  Get to Know Your Greenway is a reccuring part of the Greenway Foundation's monthly digital newsletter Chompers' Chatter.  It explores the Denver area's urban waterway parks and offers a summary of what you can expect to find and what you can plan to do at those parks.

If you are looking for a park to do some sunbathing in the summer, picnicking in the spring, or catching a crawdad in the fall, look through the parks in the left column and you will find more than a few that work for you!

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J.J. Clark, Staff writer and Editor of Chompers' Chatter, spends his free time exploring  parks along the South Platte River and its tributaries.  Get To Know Your Greenway is a monthly beat that J.J. writes to highlight some of the incredible river parks that Denver has to offer.  Whether you are looking for a place to grill, swim at the beach, catch crawdads, or simply riding a bike, there is a park in Denver for you.