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Get to Know Your Greenway
Cherry Creek State Park

By: J.J. Clark
SPREE Staff Writer
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If you thought the only thing Denver was missing was a beach, you didn’t look far enough. Dust off your boats, jet skis, swimsuits and beach balls and head just 14 miles from Confluence Park in downtown Denver to Cherry Creek State Park.  You can lay on the beach, play volleyball, swim, or spend an afternoon grilling you favorite food.  There are grills and picnic tables along the entire extent of the beach, but it is only on the east side of the beach that swimming is permitted. The swim beach is a great place to cool off from the sun or just lay out and tan.

Away from the beach, the park has campgrounds, driving paths, and hiking paths throughout that give views of the mountains over fields of native grasses and opportunities for birding, fishing, biking and even ice skating (when the weather permits).  Cherry Creek State Park is self-proclaimed as “Denver’s Big Backyard” and has a full list of activities on its website HERE

Cherry_Creek_Reservoir_049.JPGCherry Creek State Park offers year round activities as well as a unique experience to people from a landlocked state.  The birds flying against the wind and the sound of the small waves hitting the beach create a wonderful place to relax.  Go visit the reservoir and spend a few hours on the beach.  Enjoy doing something that people from the Denver area rarely get to do!

Don’t Forget!

If you ride your bike, access to the swim beach and the park is free.  Cars are $9 each.

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