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Get to Know Your Greenway
Bear Creek Lake Regional Park

By: J.J. Clark
SPREE Staff Writer
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Located west of Wadsworth along the Bear Creek is a staggeringly beautiful open space with options for hiking, biking, horse riding, picnicking, fishing, or just relaxing. If you follow along the Bear Creek trail, you will meander through the park and see bridges, great views of the creek, and potentially lots of wildlife. If you divert north of the trail a bit, you can explore along the lake water feature and various docks build on the north side of the park. There you will also find the Stone House, a location available to rent for events with a view of the lake.Bear_Creek_Greenbelt_Winter_057.jpg

The Bear Creek Greenbelt Trail passes through the south side of the Bear Creek Lake Regional Park. This is a quintessential Denver area park. Within a twenty-minute drive of downtown, or a fourteen mile bike ride from Confluence Park in downtown Denver, the openness of this park can make you feel like you have ventured out into the open plains. There are benches set up around the lake for viewing, and the trail along the Bear Creek is lined with large Cottonwood Trees and plants like wheatgrass and cattail. Watch out for wildlife tracks throughout the park. A local fisherman Matt Auger even caught a few pictures of Elk on his cell phone as he was trying to hook Bear Creek’s biggest fish.

Bear_Creek_Greenbelt_Winter_048.jpgIf you decide to adventure to this park, give yourself some time to explore. There are a lot of trails and views to take in and time can disappear as you follow the lake or the creek. Bring a fishing pole or a camera because Bear Creek Lake Regional Park has great opportunities for both fishing and photography. Along with that, certain trials are designed for horseback riding, with a specified trail and creek crossing for the more equine inclined. Take advantage of the Stone House, the many sheltered picnic areas, or the multitude of trails to make Bear Creek Lake Regional Park, or the Bear Creek Greenbelt Trail, a destination for a big event, or a quiet hike just outside of the city.

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