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Get to Know Your Greenway
Garland Park

By: J.J. Clark
SPREE Staff Writer
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Garland Park is located directly adjacent to the Cherry Creek on the south-east side of Denver. This park has tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, baseball fields, a lake lamed Lollipop Lake, but most importantly, it has vast open spaces to use in anyway that you see fit. The air is getting warmer this time of year, so pump up those bike tires, dust off the sandals, pack a picnic and go have an adventure at Garland Park! 

If you take the bike trail upstream from downtown Denver, you will pass Garland Park immediately before you see Cook Park. These two parks are so close that you could see them both in one day and use the Cherry Creek path to easily maneuver between them both. If you ride your bike or if you decide to walk, there are trails that go around the park, lake, and open spaces to explore. You may come to the park to play a sport, but don’t forget to adventure out a little bit from the basketball courts and find the numerous pine and spruce trees planted in the open spaces next to the courts. Remember, the needles of a pine tree come in packets of two, three, four, or five, while the Spruce tree’s needles are square and sharp.

Walking around Lollipop lake you may see some Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks, or many other waterfowl enjoying the lake. If you decide to adventure across the street to the Cherry Creek, you will find that the Cherry Creek in this part of town is not channelized with the tall concrete floodwalls that it has in downtown. Instead of these walls, the flood waters are kept in control through taller grass berms, or raised banks. When you are in Garland Park, you might notice that the park seems to be below the tall berms of the Cherry Creek, even more reason that these are needed. When it rains in Denver, most of the rainwater goes down into the Cherry Creek since it is a flood channel. To keep the parks safe from floods, the banks are raised, or the creek is channelized.

Enjoy a day out and give yourself enough time to walk around and explore the various parts of Garland Park, it has a lot to offer!

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