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Get to Know Your Greenway
Overland Pond Park Extra

By: J.J. Clark
SPREE Staff Writer
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Just off the bike path along the South Platte River at Overland Pond you will see a stone memorial to Merle Dean Grimes.  This sculpture memorial by Robert Tully is a reminder of the dedication and work that went into converting the eight acre spot that is now Overland Pond Park from a defunct forgotten quarry into the landscaped and beautiful place of respite that it is today.  Overland Pond Park sees nearly 1,000 5th graders through SPREE Excursions every year, along with countless bikers, hikers, picnickers, and volunteers.  Just in the past year the Overland Pond Stewardship Partners and the Greenway River Rangers with Casey Davenhill and Ronnie Crawford at the helm have helped put in brand new stone amphitheaters, river access points, picnic tables, riverside pedestrian paths, and countless hours of weeding and maintenance.  Overland Pond continues to be an incredible asset to both the South Platte River and its surrounding neighborhoods.  Between SPREE excursions, Division of Wildlife fishing days, and weekend traffic, it is obvious that the space Merle created at Overland Pond Park fulfils a truly important need of the people of Denver.

For more information about Merle’s dedication to the South Platte River read a note from the Executive Director of the Greenway Foundation

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