Picture a Day With SPREE

Ever wonder what its like taking 5,000 kids a year on field trips? Wonder what we do on a SPREE field trip? Want to see the smile your donation to SPREE gave a student? Then check out Picture a Day with SPREE, the newest addition to Chompers' Chatter. Picture a Day with SPREE features the top photos and videos from our most recent field trips. Now you can see the joy and fun we at SPREE get to experience everyday.

(from left to right)
Marilyn, Chompers, Rachel, Manihi, Mary, Autumn 




Picture a Day With SPREE is composed by SPREE staffer Autumn Bjugstad. Each month, Autumn compiles photos and videos from the previous month's field trips around a certain theme. The pictures are often taken by teachers and parents who attend and help with SPREE field trips.

Thanks to all of the photographers!