By: Mary Palumbo

Homepage for Who Am I?

Mystery # 7


Calling All Detectives!
Can you solve a Mystery?

Guess who I am using the clues below. I could be a plant, animal, bird, tree, insect, arachnid (spiders), or amphibian found in Colorado.

1. I am quiet and sneaky—you will rarely see me out during the day.

2. My fur is reddish-brown in color.

3. I have big pointy ears, and a long nose.

4. My thick, furry tail helps me balance and in winter I wrap it around my body to keep warm.

5. My favorite foods are rodents, birds, rabbits, and other small critters.

6. I am very good at adapting to my environment, and I can make my home in many different places-including by the South Platte River!

7. If you are outside early in the morning or late at night you might see me sneaking around…

Who am I???