By: Autumn Bjugstad and Vanessa Wharton

Homepage for Who Am I?

Mystery # 19


Calling All Detectives!
Can you solve a Mystery?

Guess who I am using the clues below. I could be a plant, animal, bird, tree, insect, arachnid (spiders), or amphibian found in Colorado. (Look for the answer in next month’s newsletter as well as a new mystery!)

I love to swim all day in the South Platte River.

My daily menu is full of variety, from tiny plants to fish and bugs.

I swim with my partner, a happy couple for life.

Our feet are webbed exactly the same, but our colors tell you who is male and who is female.

In the spring our family will grow and we’ll swim in a row.

If you ask for a tip, bills I can’t offer, but I’ll share a great spot to fly for the winter.


Who am I?