By: Autumn Bjugstad and Vanessa Wharton

Homepage for Who Am I?

Mystery # 14


Calling All Detectives!
Can you solve a Mystery?

Guess who I am using the clues below. I could be a plant, animal, bird, tree, insect, arachnid (spiders), or amphibian found in Colorado. (Look for the answer in next month’s newsletter as well as a new mystery!)

I am a plant that loves water, so you will only find me growing next to a pond, river, or lake.

My habitat is a wetland, which is a place with very wet soil.

I provide food and shelter for many different birds and animals, including geese, snakes, ducks, and even snails!

I have tall, green leaves that look similar to huge blades of grass which turn light brown in the winter.

My long brown “flower” grows at the top of tall, thin stalks and breaks open to release my fluffy seeds.

Many birds use my seeds to line their nests and people use them as insulation in pillows and coats.

Who am I???