By: Autumn Bjugstad and Vanessa Wharton

Homepage for Who Am I?

Mystery # 16


Calling All Detectives!
Can you solve a Mystery?

Guess who I am using the clues below. I could be a plant, animal, bird, tree, insect, arachnid (spiders), or amphibian found in Colorado. (Look for the answer in next month’s newsletter as well as a new mystery!)

When munching on grasses all day long, I like to play my favorite quiet song.

Frogs, foxes and birds like to eat me but they must be super sneaky, ‘cause it can be hard to see me.

My colors hide me well, but if you sneak up on me I seem to fly for a spell.

When it comes to jumping I take first place, my big back legs will win any race.

Come stop by in the green, grassy fields when the sun is hot and we will go for a hop.

Who am I?