By Marge Price and David Howlett
Capitol Representatives

Over the course of the last three years, an extensive planning effort has taken place to create the next visionary evolution of the South Platte River as well as the surrounding area resulting in the River Vision Implementation Plan (RVIP) which was honored by a Proclamation of the Denver City Council in November 2011.

The RVIP overview encompasses all of the recommendations from the 2008 River North Greenway Master Plan (RINO) and the 2009 River South Greenway Master Plan (RISO) into a series of prioritized short term, mid term and long term projects.  As was the case with RINO and RISO, the creation of the RVIP overview occurred through an extensive public outreach and engagement process involving numerous community and stakeholder meetings as well as benefitting from the engagement and counsel of the RVIP Steering Committee.

RVIP Short Term/Priority Projects encompass five project areas along the South Platte:  Grant Frontier and Overland Regional Park (Southern Platte Valley); Vanderbilt and Johnson-Habitat Parks; Sun Valley Riverfront Park;  Confluence Park and a proposed Art Bridge (Northern Urban Greenway Corridor).  Within those five Projects, nearly 50 recommendations from residents, property owners, involved government agencies, and neighborhoods have been compiled .

A planning grant from Great Outdoors Colorado along with funding and staff time from the City and County of Denver and The Greenway Foundation helped complete this plan.