By: J.J. Clark

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Mystery # 28


Calling All Detectives!
Can you solve a Mystery?

Guess who I am using the clues below. I could be a plant, animal, bird, tree, insect, arachnid (spiders), amphibian, or any other thing found in or around Colorado's waterways.

  • I am a type of grass you can find in many of the parks next to the South Platte River
  • I am native to places like Colorado, but you have to look for more natural areas by rivers to find me (you won't find me near any soccer fields)
  • Even though my stem is colored red, my name has a different color in it!
  • My seeds can move in the wind, or hitch a ride on an animal passing by
  • Since there are so many grasses out there, there is a picture of me below!

Who am I???