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A kaleidoscope is a long tube made with mirrors, glass and beads that create reflections of colors and shapes when held up to the light.  This month, make your own kaleidoscope using household items!



What You Need


1. Poster board or heavy paper

2. A plastic bag

3. Glue

4. Glitter, shiny confetti, sequins, or sparkly beads

5. Tin foil

6. Construction paper

7. Black paper

8. Scissors

9. Tape

10. Markers, crayons or paint for decorating

What You Do  

1. Decorate a piece of construction paper with markers, paint or crayons. 

2. Cut out a piece of poster board the size of the construction paper.  
3. Glue a piece of tin foil (shiny side facing out) to the poster board and let it dry.  IMG_0155.JPG
4. Fold the poster board into a triangular shape with the tin foil on the inside, and tape it together.  IMG_0156.JPG
5. Cut plastic circles out of a plastic bag. IMG_0158.jpg
6. Trace a line of glue around the edges of one of the plastic circles.  
7. Place glitter, confetti, sequins, or beads in the center of the plastic circle, then press the other plastic circle on top of the glue and let dry.  IMG_0159.JPG
8. Cover the triangular poster board with your decorated construction paper and tape it down.  IMG_0160.JPG
9. Cut out a black circle that will cover one end of the triangle opening and poke a small hole in the center with a pencil.  IMG_0162.JPG
10. Tape the black circle to one end of the triangle.  IMG_0163.JPG
11.  Tape the plastic circle pouch to the other end of the triangle.  IMG_0165.JPG
12. Hold your kaleidoscope up to the light and see what patterns show up inside! IMG_0167.jpg

mary-01.jpgCrusher's Crafts are created by SPREE staffer Mary Palumbo.  Each month Mary comes up with a new craft that can be made from household items and found objects from just outside your front door.


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